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LED Illuminators

A fixed aperture LED illuminator (emits in a spectral band +/- 20 nm around the peak at 455 nm - "Royal Blue") shown with a driver and a pulse generator.

SSS Optical Technologies, LLC (SSSOT) offers high-power pulsed LED illuminators that are suitable for optical spectroscopy and research in biology and materials science. They are much superior to the illuminators based on traditional light sources such as incandescent, arc, halogen, or discharge lamps in terms of cost, efficiency, and operational life time. 


The distinguished features of the LED illuminators of SSSOT are:

  • Wide spectral range: from 440 to 650 nm;

  • Variable light power: from 0 to 1000 mW;

  • Variable frequency of light flashes: from 0 to 10 kHz;

  • Light focusing: minimum spot size is 2.5 mm;

  • High wall plug efficiency: up to 70%;

  • Long operational life time: > 10000 h.

LED Emitters in Free Space

LED Emitters with Liquid Lightguides 

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