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Ammonia Sensor for Poultry and Animal Farms

Ammonia Sensor - Sound Track -

SSS Optical Technologies (SSSOT) is developing cheap continuous sensor of ammonia for animal house. The sensor meets the nedds of the poultry industry, egg production, and concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFO).

  • Ammonia is a hazardous irritant air pollutant. It is produced in great amounts by decomposing wet manure.

  • Ammonia causes significant profit losses (up to 23%) due to poor health and bad performance of the birds/animals.

  • Ammonia also presents a danger to human operators.

The ammonia sensor of SSSOT:

  • Maintains (by turning on/off the ventilation system) ammonia levels at desired targets.

  • Improves feed conversion.

  • Improves animal welfare.

  • Improves air quality and worker safety.

  • Requires minimal maintenance.

  • Monitors ammonia concentration in air between 1 and 100 parts per million (ppm).

  • Has an expected life of 3 years.

  • Can be wired or wireless.

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